Will the Workmix Café be a coffeeshop, a workspace, an art gallery or a music venue? The woman planning the business in downtown Napa has one answer: Yes.
Stephanie Cash, a former facility planner for Lockheed Martin, envisions a hybrid storefront at 950 Randolph St. for business or pleasure, catering to Napans and visitors alike. Her experiment is taking shape as Workmix, which gained the city Planning Commission’s approval Oct. 20 and is slated to open as early as December.
Within a one-story, 3,088-square-foot space — a storefront that previously hosted Darin’s Gun Exchange and DGX Paintball — Cash plans to create a coffee bar and lounge that also will offer snacks and Napa Valley wines. The business will provide high-speed wireless Internet and spaces to be rented for business use, but also will feature a rotating art collection and host acoustic music, fashion shows and other events.

Blending multiple amenities should better serve those who want to do business – or get away from business – in a space more peaceful than a Starbucks or a restaurant, according to Cash, who moved to Napa in 2012.
“(Among) the people who come to visit Napa, many of them own companies or are entrepreneurs, and when they go on vacation they don’t go completely off the grid,” she said last week. “I wanted to create a place where, even when you’re taking care of business, you can still feel good like you’re in a luxurious hotel lobby.

“I love entertaining – I love doing charity events with my friends – and this allowed me a platform, a blank canvas to do what I do in my private life. I love art and culture and film, and I decided to bring it all into one central location and allow people to enjoy those things.”